So you can't use the measurements in the description, right? Follow these steps to find your Wannabe size.

1. Find your weight (first column).
2. Find your height (last line).
3. Search for the cell in which the two meet. That's our best guess at your size.
90 kg         XXL
85 - 90 kg     XL XL and XXL XXL
80 - 85 kg   XL XL XL and XXL XXL
75 - 80 kg   XL XL Xl XL and XXL
70 - 75 kg L L L and XL L and XL Xl
65 - 70 kg L L L L and XL Xl
60 - 65 kg M M M and L L  
55 - 60 kg S and M M M    
50 - 55 kg S M M    
45 - 50 kg XS S      
  150 - 160 cm 160 - 170 cm 170 - 180 cm 180 - 190 cm 190 cm

For example, those who are 64 kg and 176 cm can wear M and L.

Why did we create this table?

We receive vintage clothing made in (literally) all over the world. An L in Germany can be an XL in Asia, for example. Because standards vary from country to country and even from vintage clothing to modern clothing, this was the simplest way we found to standardise sizes. We hope to make it easier for people who cannot use the measurements in the descriptions or do not know their measures.